We are facing legal challenges because we are occupying our land

We are criminalized for doing so and are forced to defend our land in court.

We must maintain camp.

The Tiny House Warriors: Our Land is Home is a part of a mission to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline from crossing unceded Secwepemc Territory.

Ten tiny houses will be built and placed strategically along the 518 km Trans Mountain pipeline route to assert Secwepemc Law and jurisdiction and block access to this pipeline.

The pipeline is one of the most serious threats to our Territories. 

We have never provided and will never provide our collective free, prior and informed consent – the minimal international standard – to the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project.

The Tiny House Warrior movement is the start of re-establishing village sites and asserting our authority over our unceded Territories.Each tiny house will provide housing to Secwepemc families facing a housing crisis due to deliberate colonial impoverishment. Each home will eventually be installed with off-the-grid solar power.

We are going big,

by going small.

By building these Tiny Houses, we are asserting our collective Secwepemc responsibility and jurisdiction to our lands and waters.


Due to the legal costs associated with the ongoing criminalization of Tiny House Warriors, we have launched a GoFundMe legal defense fund. Please consider donating today!

Tiny House Warriors, Kanahus Manuel, Mayuk Manuel, Isha Jules and Snutetkwe Manuel will be going to court in the coming months, facing a range of charges for land defense activities in opposition to the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Click here for more details and a map of the arrests.

Latest Press Releases & Updates

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Comic: The Fight Against the Transmountain Pipeline

This comic shares the story of how the fight against the Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX) came to be, outlining the dangers, the opposition and resistance, and the ongoing criminalization of the Tiny House Warriors.

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Legal Defense Fund for Tiny House Warriors

We urgently need your support now to continue to do the work of protecting our lands. We have a responsibility to protect our lands and waters for our children and grandchildren, just as our ancestors did for us. But we are criminalized for exercising these obligations to our relations.

Support us by donating to our GoFundMe campaign today.

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Open Letter

..to Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada; Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Strachan, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“This letter is to affirm our unanimous support for the Tiny House Warriors as well as to express the deepest concern we feel for their safety, civil rights, Indigenous rights, and human rights.”


How you can support

We have built six Tiny Houses and are just four houses away from our goal of ten. Each costs between $25-40,000 to build.

Your support will help us reach our goal in the face of the legal costs that have resulted from our unwavering committment to the land, the language and the culture of our people.  

Help us build and defend the tiny houses.

The women are saying:
water is life, our land is our home.