Legal Defense Fund for Tiny House Warriors

Our acts of environmental defence are not only for ourselves, but for all living things that know that wellness comes not from money, but from clean air, water, and foods.

Canadian law may permit the Trans Mountain Pipeline workers to cut down trees, poison rivers, tear out berry bushes, and destroy salmon, deer, and bear habitat. But these acts go against Secwepemc law. 

We have a responsibility to protect our lands and waters for our children and grandchildren, just as our ancestors did for us. But we are criminalized for exercising these obligations to our relations.

This struggle is not only a pipeline struggle, but one against police violence and in defence of our internationally-recognized Secwepemc Human Rights.

Over the past 3 years, we have been criminalized for protecting these lands.

The charges include:

Three land defenders were arrested at Thompson Rivers University for protesting the consultation process for TMX - Mayuk Manuel, Snutetkwe Manuel, Isha Jules.

Kanahus Manuel and Isha Jules were arrested on the road to Clearwater and charged with mischief for telling construction workers they had no legal right to drill on Secwepemc lands. Kanahus Manuel’s wrist was broken by police.

As a result of a broken wrist in the October 2019 arrest, a lawsuit is launched by Tiny House Warriors against the RCMP for violent assault.

Kanahus Manuel and Mayuk Manuel were charged and later found guilty of theft and intimidation at TMX Blue River Pump Station.

Kanahus Manuel was arrested at the Toronto airport in August 2021 for “failure to comply with recognizance.”

Five land defenders were arrested by Trans Mountain security for protesting at a man camp construction site.

All of these charges add up to over $50,000 in legal fees.

We need your help to cover these costs of criminalization for the political "crime" of defending our homelands. 

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